There’s an old maxim in real estate that says buyers decide the minute they walk through your door whether your house is a possibility for them. Make a good first impression and you’ll make it to their list of finalists. The same holds true with the photographs used online to sell
your home. Here are a few tips that will make your home sell faster.

1.Use great equipment. First rate cameras and lenses do make a difference. They provide sharp detail and excellent color rendition. We use the Fujifilm X system with the “tack sharp” Fuji lenses.

2. Use a wide angle lens. 21mm on a full frame camera. 14mm on a ⅔ sensor. This is wide enough to shoot all but the largest of rooms without distortion.great indoor photography

3. Pick a natural shooting height. Take a look at magazine photos of interiors. They are all shot at table, counter or chair back height. Unless you enjoy being a contortionist, this means shooting with an adjustable tripod or monopod.

4. Maximize the use of all the light you can get. Turn on all the indoor lights and open the curtains.

5. Post process your shots in HDR to eliminate window glare and bring the outside into the picture. But be careful: Over processing will make the pictures cartoonish.

great indoor photographyAnd, one don’t: Please don’t photoshop in a new paint job or take out noticeable faults. Buyers will spot that in a heartbeat and will wonder what else you might be hiding.